The Percy Program

It is a fight to level the playing field to be able to compete for jobs and careers on the basis of skills and make available apprentice training to all. In 1973 Al Percy launched a class action lawsuit to give workers like him a chance to better their lot in life. It would also ensure the availability of skilled workers to build the infrastructure of the future. Who is Al Percy? What is the lawsuit?

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7 months ago

EDNY Case 21-cv-02313 US Court of Appeals Second Circuit 21-1572 Doc #8 Civil Appeal Pre-Argument Statement (Form C)

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4/30/2021 Eastern District of New York - LIVE Database 1.5 (Revision 1.5.2) Starr Whitehouse Landscape Architects Defendant Start Defendant Starwood Hotels & Resorts Defendant State Univ Of NY Hlth Science Ctr At Syr Defendant Staten Island Care Center Defendant Staten Island Mental Health Defendant Staten Island Physician Defendant Staten Island University Hospital Defendant Statewide Central Station Inc Defendant Static Electric Corp Defendant Stattek International Inc. Defendant Status Data Inc. Defendant Stauber New York Defendant Stc Systems Inc Defendant Steadfast Development & Constr Defendant Stealth Contracting Inc Defendant Steel Associates LLC Defendant Case 21-1572, Document 8, 07/12/2021, 3135690, Page52 of 180 29/65

4/30/2021 Eastern District of New York - LIVE Database 1.5 (Revision 1.5.2) Steel Partners Holdings L.P. Defendant Steeldeck NY Inc Defendant Stein Riso Mantel Mcdonough Defendant Steinbach & Seculer Defendant Steinberg Steckler & Picciurro Defendant Stella Orton Hm Health Care Defendant Stella Service Inc Defendant Stellar Printing, Inc. Defendant Stellar Services Defendant Stemmax Realty Inc. Defendant Stempel Bennett Claman Hchbrg Defendant Stephen B Jacobs Group Pc Architects & Planners Defendant Stephen Einstein & Assoc Pc Defendant Stephen Jeffries & Assoc Defendant Stephenson General Construction LLC Defendant Steris Ast Defendant Sterling Charter Brokers Inc. Case 21-1572, Document 8, 07/12/2021, 3135690, Page53 of 180 30/65

Tag-along Lawsuits against Putative Class Defendant Members: Decision Appealed, Response and Complaint