The Percy Program

It is a fight to level the playing field to be able to compete for jobs and careers on the basis of skills and make available apprentice training to all. In 1973 Al Percy launched a class action lawsuit to give workers like him a chance to better their lot in life. It would also ensure the availability of skilled workers to build the infrastructure of the future. Who is Al Percy? What is the lawsuit?

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US Court of Appeals Second Circuit Case 21-1575, Doc 6, Pre-Argument Statement on Appeal 07-12-2021

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  • Oriska
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  • Kernan
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ong>Caseong> ong>21ong>-ong>1575ong>, ong>Docong>ument 6, 07/12/20ong>21ong>, 3136178, Page46 ong>ofong> 119 7/5/20ong>21ong> Eastern District ong>ofong> New York - LIVE Database 1.6 (Revision 1.6.1) 06/25/20ong>21ong> 56 NOTICE OF APPEAL as to 47 Order on Motion to Consolidate ong>Caseong>s,,,, Order on Motion for More Definite ong>Statementong>,,,, Order on Motion for Extension ong>ofong> Time to File Response/Reply,,,,,,,, Order to Show Cause,,, by Alexi Arias, Annette Hall, Donna Hodge, Karen Grant Williams. Filing fee $ 505, receipt number ANYEDC-14599603. (Kernan, James) (Entered: 06/25/20ong>21ong>) 06/25/20ong>21ong> Electronic Index to Record on Appeal sent to ong>USong> ong>Courtong> ong>ofong> ong>Appealsong>. 56 Notice ong>ofong> Appeal, ong>Docong>uments are available via Pacer. For docket entries without a hyperlink or for documents under seal, contact the court and we'll arrange for the document(s) to be made available to you. (Jones, Vasean) (Entered: 06/25/20ong>21ong>) 06/25/20ong>21ong> 57 Letter re: Submission by James Kernan by Bay Park Center Nursing & Rehabilitation LLC, Brookhaven Rehabilitation & Health Care Center LLC, Caring Family Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, Eastchester Rehabilitation & Health Care Center, Golden Gate Rehabilitation & Health Care Center, Grace Plaza Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, Nassau Rehabilitation & Nursing Center, Park Avenue Extended Care Facility, South Point Plaza Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, Spring Creek Rehab & Nursing Care Center, The Hamptons Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing, Throgs Neck Rehabilitation & Nursing Center, Townhouse Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit A - Order from Percy v. Brennan, # 2 Exhibit B - Order from Percy v. Brennan, # 3 Exhibit C - Email re: Kernan's Admission Status, # 4 Exhibit D - Order from In re Kernan, # 5 Exhibit E - Transcript from Oriska Corporation v. Zanani) (Lipsius, Ira) (Entered: 06/25/20ong>21ong>) PACER Service Center Transaction Receipt 07/05/20ong>21ong> 16:27:33 PACER Login: jameskernan Client Code: Description: Billable Pages: ong>Docong>ket Report Search Criteria: 22 Cost: 2.20 2:20-cv-06291-NGG- SJB 31/31

ong>Caseong> 2:20-cv-06291-NGG-SJB ong>Caseong> ong>21ong>-ong>1575ong>, ong>Docong>ument 6, 07/12/20ong>21ong>, 47 Filed 05/27/ong>21ong> 3136178, Page47 1 ong>ofong> ong>ofong> 27119 PageID #: 4336 UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT EASTERN DISTRICT OF NEW YORK_____ Percy, et al., Plaintiffs, -against- Oriska General Contracting, et al., Defendants. Hodge, et al., Plaintiffs, -against- All American School Bus Corp., et al., Defendants. Hodge, et al., Plaintiffs, -against- Cuomo, et al., Defendants. Oriska Corporation, Plaintiff, -against- Hodge, et al., Defendants. Oriska Corporation, Plaintiff, -against- Willoughby Rehabilitation and Health Care Center, LLC, et al., Defendants. MEMORANDUM & ORDER 20-cv-6131 (NGG) 20-cv-6291 (NGG) (SJB) ong>21ong>-cv-1366 (NGG) (SJB) ong>21ong>-cv-14ong>21ong> (NGG) ong>21ong>-cv-1999 (NGG) (RLM) ong>21ong>-cv-2006 (NGG) (SJB) ong>21ong>-cv-2009 (NGG) (SJB) ong>21ong>-cv-2010 (NGG) (SJB) ong>21ong>-cv-20ong>21ong> (NGG) (SJB) ong>21ong>-cv-2022 (NGG) (ARL) ong>21ong>-cv-2024 (NGG) (SJB) ong>21ong>-cv-2025 (NGG) (SJB) ong>21ong>-cv-2029 (NGG) (SJB) ong>21ong>-cv-2030 (NGG) (AYS) ong>21ong>-cv-2031 (NGG) (SJB) ong>21ong>-cv-2034 (NGG) (SJB) ong>21ong>-cv-2035 (NGG) (SJB) ong>21ong>-cv-2039 (NGG) (RML) ong>21ong>-cv-2040 (NGG) (SJB) ong>21ong>-cv-2045 (NGG) (VMS) ong>21ong>-cv-2050 (NGG) (SJB) ong>21ong>-cv-ong>21ong>75 (NGG) (SJB) ong>21ong>-cv-ong>21ong>82 (NGG) (SJB) ong>21ong>-cv-ong>21ong>94 (NGG) (SJB) ong>21ong>-cv-ong>21ong>98 (NGG) (SJB) ong>21ong>-cv-2283 (NGG) (SJB) ong>21ong>-cv-2311 (NGG) (SJB) ong>21ong>-cv-2313 (NGG) (RLM) ong>21ong>-cv-2314 (NGG) (SJB) 1

Tag-along Lawsuits against Putative Class Defendant Members: Decision Appealed, Response and Complaint